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Pet Containment Systems
How It Works Underground Fence Products, Installation & Training

You won’t regret investing in a veterinarian-approved underground fence system to keep your furry best friends out of harm’s way. At Pet Containment Systems, we work closely with you to install a customized system that suits your specific needs and one that is tailored to the size, breed, and temperament of your pets.

We are the Leader of the Pack in electronic fence systems and we give you peace of mind in four easy steps.
Here’s how it works.

Free Quote

Contact us and share a few details about your property and pets. We encourage you to fill out our online form here and then we’ll have everything we need to determine what pet containment system will work best for your situation and we’ll call you back quickly with a quote.

Underground Fence Installation

If you’re ready to install an underground fence, we’ll set up an appointment for installation. You need to be at home when we first arrive to show us your property lines, and then we’ll take it from there. The installation time depends on the size of the property, but on average it takes 3-4 hours.

Sample wire layout designs

Dog Training

Each of your dogs wears a comfortable collar that has a receiver that emits an audible or static correction when approaching the hidden fence boundary. With your pet on a leash, we walk the perimeter of the property with you several times and start with a light correction to get the dog’s attention, and then direct the dog to the inside of the yard so the dog learns this is the safe side. Most dogs pick up on the system quickly. After a couple of weeks, we suggest you turn up the level of correction. The static correction, which is adjustable, does not hurt your dog. It’s meant to get their attention to keep them inside the boundary and safe even when something – perhaps a squirrel – tempts them to cross the line.

Follow Up

After the installation and dog training, we follow up a few days later to see how the system is working for you and your pet. After that follow up, if you ever have any kind of issue, contact us. We’re quick to respond, typically within 24 hours.

Why Choose a Pet Containment System?

  • Allow pets to play and explore your property freely – no tie-out cable, kennel, chain, or other restrictive devices.
  • Reduce the chance of an escape, which puts your dog at risk of being hit by a vehicle, being stolen by pet thieves, or getting into fights with other dogs.
  • Prevent your dog from becoming a neighborhood nuisance.

Benefits of an Underground Fence vs. Traditional Fence

  • It can be installed on almost any terrain, on any size property, and won’t interfere with scenic views.
  • We can even put a border around gardens, flower beds, pools, or other areas you don’t want your pets to go.
  • It’s ideal for dogs who tend to climb over, dig under or chew through traditional fences.
  • It’s more affordable than traditional vinyl, aluminum, or chain link fencing.
  • Pet Containment Systems uses premium, heavy-duty wire that’s made in America – and we offer a 3-year warranty on wire failure, which is rare in the industry.
Freedom Pet Pass

Add Even More Freedom with a Doggie Door

Ryan can install Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet doors, which will give your pet the freedom to exit and enter your house as he or she pleases. The doors are insulated and airtight to keep out cold, heat, and wind. They come in a variety of colors and we also have a lockable option. Contact Pet Containment Systems for information.

Girl and Dog lawn

Have Questions?

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us today. We’re excited to help keep your pets safe and give you the peace of mind every pet owner deserves!