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We know your pets are members of the family and you’d do whatever it takes to protect them.

At Pet Containment Systems in Fort Atkinson, Iowa, we have the experience, compassion, and knowledge – along with the best underground fencing in the industry – that will keep your pets safe.

We’re an independent dealer and offer a variety of affordable, veterinarian-approved pet containment systems that are customized to your needs. All work is done by Owner and Operator Ryan Vsetecka, who provides exceptional customer service from the quote to installation to training to follow-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the correction used hurt my dog?

No! We’re animal lovers, too, so the last thing we want is to harm anyone’s pet. We want to do everything we can to keep them safe. The static correction that your dog will receive from the system’s receiver, which is part of a comfortable collar, is adjustable to take into account the dog’s size and temperament. The correction will likely startle the dog – which is what trains him to stay inside the fence’s boundary – but it will not hurt. And, your dog will quickly learn to steer clear of the hidden barrier, so eventually correction won’t be necessary.

Does the system work if you have a stubborn dog?

Yes, we’ve had success with the most stubborn dogs. It may require more training. But we’re confident that our pet containment systems will work for all types of dogs, no matter their temperament. We’ve also had success with anxious and sensitive pets.

What if I have multiple dogs?

Pet containment systems will work for however many dogs are part of your family. The installation of the underground fence is the same, no matter how many dogs you have. Each dog will have their own collar, and each can be set to different correction levels. As you add pets, you can add collars to your system.

Are underground fence systems just for dogs or can they contain cats, too?

Of course! While most of our customers install underground fences to keep their dogs contained, we can install systems tailored to cats.

Do you offer a warranty on pet containment systems?

The warranty period for transmitters and collars is pre-determined by the brand of system that is used for the containment system. Pet Containment Systems offers a 3-year-warranty on wire failure, which is rare in the electronic fence industry. We use premium, heavy-duty wire that’s made in America. We don’t expect that you’ll have an issue with wire breakage, but the 3-year warranty will cover breakage due to Mother Nature – frost, gophers, squirrels, etc. Pet Containment Systems will take care of any warranty claims with the manufacturer, so you won’t have to deal with the warranty claims department. We will typically get your equipment back up and running in 48 hours with a new replacement component or a loaner system. We take great pride in keeping your pets contained, even in the rare event of equipment failure.

Are the collars waterproof? My dogs love to go for a swim.

Yes, we do install systems that use waterproof collars. Just be sure to let us know that’s the type of collar you need.

Do I leave the collar on my dog even when inside?

We don’t recommend leaving the Pet Containment Systems collar on while your pet is indoors. But be sure to put it on whenever you let your pet outside.

Can I take my dog for a walk after the fence is installed?

We suggest waiting a couple of weeks, until your dog is well trained with the underground fence system, before leaving the containment area for a walk. But, yes, eventually you will be able to teach your dog when it’s ok to leave the boundaries.

How long does it take to install an underground fence?

It depends on the size of the containment area, but typically it takes 3-4 hours to install the pet containment system.

How long does it take for my dog to be trained?

We provide initial on-site training the day of the installation. Typically, you will need to work with your dog daily for about two weeks for optimum results.

Do you install pet doors, too?

Yes! We install energy-efficient Freedom Pet Pass doggie doors. Contact us for more information.

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